I had a meeting this week with the PR person for a ‘well-known American payments company’ where the founder is due to speak at Money 20/20 next month. She was very nice and pleasant – but said something that made me think of a Twitter thread I wrote while bored at an event last year. “Really, he will be getting in late on Sunday, doing his talk on Monday morning and then leaving on a flight right after.” Translation: You’ll have a greater chance getting the first photo of Beyonce’s twins than sitting down with our CEO. (see number seven).

Those who know me (or follow me on ‘the social media’) know I attend a lot of conferences. I was always going to take May off on the travel and speaking front – good thing too as I wasn’t expecting to have a month to regroup, relax and and generally try and find a new road magically appear before me (with a combination of serendipity and design, of course).

So, as May comes to an end – let’s take a break from ‘the FinTech’ and the myriad of ways women are made to feel like they are intruders in world that was never designed for them – here is a bit of Friday Fun. Feel free to add yours. (I apologize for the spelling – but spelling and me don’t always see eye to eye).

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