The Innovation Re-Education Centre

I attend a lot of conferences. (you know I do). Many years ago (well four years ago) the braver FinTech-y conferences would invite speakers from the 'innovation world'. Gurus and thought leaders and (my favourite job title of all time) futurists, would venture onto the stage to give a talk or sit on a panel.... Continue Reading →

How to moderate like a Boss

If your panel is too large, fragmented and too long, you will lose your audience. A panel should be no more than four people, plus a moderator, and run no longer than 45 min.


So, as May comes to an end - let's take a break from the FinTech and the myriad of ways women are made to feel like they are intruders in world that was never designed for them - here is a bit of Friday Fun. Feel free to add yours.

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