Calling Time on Inequality – Divercity Podcast

I was honored to be invited to sit down with the awesome Julia Streets for her Divercity podcast a few weeks ago. She let me rabbit on and on (which you all know is my favourite thing).

“Nine white guys at an event talking about blockchain does not make the industry any better.” 

Please all have a listen:

Series Two Episode Nine: Calling Time on Inequality

Liz Lumley, Steering Committee Member at FinTechTECHTalents18, Founder of The Collective Network and Advisory Board Member of DNXCommunity, discusses how fintechs can find more diverse talent, the barriers facing female founders, the crucial part men must play in driving gender equality, the FinTech Parity Pledge and why raising the visibility of women and ethnic minorities is one of the most important drivers of D&I.

Links & Resources from this Episode

London’s largest innovation centre launches scheme to help women-led technology businesses

Cindy Gallop turns fire on WPP over gender equality

FinTech leaders launch parity pledge to increase sector diversity


Blooming Founders


FinTech Parity Pledge

Women in Innovation: new support announced

Tech Talent Charter Annual Report (Due to be published towards the end of 2018)



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