FinTech Insider: After Dark

FinTech Insider After Dark

In this episode:
We have a live audience, a later start than usual and plenty to drink as we dive into the week’s most topical stories.

First up: digital technology making financial struggles more manageable, how are the underserved or the financially unstable being catered to with fintech?, Is cash still king? And which countries are leading the race to go cashless first?
We have shoutouts to our sister podcasts, InsurTech Insider – as we hear from Nigel Walsh on the top 5 changes insurers “must” make – and Blockchain Insider, as YC announces its bid to let investors invest in their startups via blockchain – is blockchain going mainstream?

We get into a discussion of gender inequality in fintech, Google’s mobile payments debut in India and that Equifax hack.
Additionally with the help of our audience, we curated the first ever Fintech Wall of Emoji – what topics and trends did we rate and hate?

All this and more on this week’s very special Fintech Insider News!

Enjoy the show! Spread the word, tell your friends and don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes.
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