‘Open here’ – Why?

When I was at school, my teacher sent home a note. ‘Elizabeth has trouble following directions.’ You see I had opened my milk carton from the ‘wrong end’. <==Meaning the end that didn’t have the little blue ‘Open Here’ stamped on it.

The first time I did it – it was an accident.

The second time I did it – I needed to make sure that, indeed – despite what my teacher had told me – the milk carton did open just as easily from either side.

The third time I did it – It was just to prove that point.

I was six years years old.

No wonder I ended up where I am. 🙂

2 thoughts on “‘Open here’ – Why?

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  1. That teacher had limited thinking. No one who ever did anything truly innovative followed directions. Doing so gets us what we’ve always had, nothing new. Good story.


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