Why did I join?

About a year ago I had a thought. While I was fulfilling my emotional needs via my personal blog, Girl, Disrupted, which tends to explore my inner thoughts, outer failures and minor moments of brilliance 😉. But from a more practical point of view I needed to see what I could offer – what ‘products’ I... Continue Reading →

Liz, where ya been?

I am truly sorry for my the lack of communication on my personal blogs these past few weeks. I could blame it on a lot of factors. Working on a few projects, family stuff, but really...honestly...I got a bit depressed. And for no good reason. After Rainmaking/Startupbootcamp ended earlier this year I made a decision... Continue Reading →

What should I be when I grow up?

Will I end up going back 'inside' - belonging to an organisation I did not create and did not build - with all the safety, regular paychecks, business cards and standardized email addresses? Or will I branch out on my own - create a vision - and invite others to share my vision and let theirs shine alongside.

When disruption arrives in the body of a four year old girl

Disruption isn't something you welcome, nor is it one you should avoid. Disruption is inevitable and a part of life. The lucky among us experience disruption in milder forms than sickness or a via the broken body of an eight year old boy. But there is no formula for dealing with disruption - there is only a myriad of ways to manage it.

‘Open here’ – Why?

When I was at school, my teacher sent home a note. ‘Elizabeth has trouble following directions.' You see I had opened my milk carton from the ‘wrong end’. <==Meaning the end that didn’t have the little blue ‘Open Here’ stamped on it. The first time I did it – it was an accident. The second... Continue Reading →

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