Liz, where ya been?

I am truly sorry for my the lack of communication on my personal blogs these past few weeks. I could blame it on a lot of factors. Working on a few projects, family stuff, but really...honestly...I got a bit depressed. And for no good reason. After Rainmaking/Startupbootcamp ended earlier this year I made a decision... Continue Reading →

When is a website a ‘nice to have’? When it’s 2006

I don't know this for sure, but I do believe that I am the only journalist ever to be walked out of the building by Incisive Media. Me - the founding editor of "the most successful organic launch in Incisive Media history." Me - who wasn't worth £40k a year. Me - who was so dangerous to their competitiveness that I was to be made an example of to fellow journalists and walked from the building by security.

Disruption sucks

There I've said it. Disruption fucking sucks. I have written before, and spoken on stage, on how much I hate the word 'disruption'. I hate it because it is a buzzword. I hate it because it is used by people who seem a tad too giddy and eager to see something they dislike taken down... Continue Reading →

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