How to moderate like a Boss

If your panel is too large, fragmented and too long, you will lose your audience. A panel should be no more than four people, plus a moderator, and run no longer than 45 min.


So, as May comes to an end - let's take a break from the FinTech and the myriad of ways women are made to feel like they are intruders in world that was never designed for them - here is a bit of Friday Fun. Feel free to add yours.


In this episode Liz Lumley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership at Rainmaking, says a woman approached her at one of their events recently and said, “I’m here because I get told all the time: You need to work with startups, and then no one tells me how.” The Rainmaking Summit was designed to give people like her the tools they need to make innovation happen.... Continue Reading →

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