Tech and Talent in Tandem – A FinTECHTalents Webcast

As the sun continues to shine over Great Britain this summer, we gathered together some of our favourite steering committee members to have a chin wag about our upcoming FinTECHTalents Festival this October.  

Listen to our special Tech and Talent in Tandem webcast now!

Mitesh Soni, Senior Director, Innovation and Fintech at Finastra, Diana Biggs, Head of Digital Innovation for HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management, UK & Europe and Lisa Moyle, Director of Strategy & Partnerships, VC Innovations sat down in this informative webcast to talk about the digital skills gap, how to create a welcoming and inclusive industry and which song they want to add to our FinTECHTalents playlist.  

According to Diana Biggs of HSBC, there is definitely a skills shortage in FinTech and it is something her banks is looking to address. Earlier this year HSBC published a paper looking at the skills financial services would need in the coming years. Human Advantage: The power of people lists six ‘roles of the future’ as part of the report. Those include:  

  • Mixed Reality Experience Designer
  • Algorithm Mechanic 
  • Digital Process Engineer 
  • Conversational Interface Designer 
  • Universal Service Advisor 
  • Partnership Gateway Enabler 

“We are looking at students and we are building the next generation of leaders for the fintech space and tech space – ensuring that this a space where a diverse set of people feel they can be part of. We are encouraging students to really understand what the opportunities are,” says Biggs.  

Mitesh Soni of Finastra agrees saying that they have seen a massive growth in demand for AI and big data and those technologies that are creating new digital experiences for consumers based on data science.  

The new world of innovation is all about collaboration. Ideas can come from left field and from right field there isn’t a predictable way to engineer innovation – some of the best ideas typically come from the outliers. As we move into the fourth industrial revolution – there is a whole range of digital skills that just don’t exist in the marketplace today,” says Soni. 

Listen to our special Tech and Talent in Tandem webcast now! 

Find out which songs we added to the FinTECHTalents 2018 Spotify Playlist and add yours today!  

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