The 21st Century Digital Economy – Does the UK have the Skills?

The rise of the digital economy and emerging FinTech entrants to the UK market has has focused a spotlight on talent – mainly, how to attract and retain the right people, with the necessary digital skills to help build and grow the FinTech industry in Great Britain.

Issues around Brexit, diversity and inclusion as well as education and training all impact best practice in hiring and cultivating digital talent. That is why Magna Carta Communications and FinTECHTalents have teamed up to create research into this space.

  • What digital skills are most in demand and lacking in the UK?
  • What are the salaries talent can expect, not only from large banks, but new FinTech entrants?
  • How has Brexit impacted the talent pool – if at all?
  • What the industry can do to employ a workforce that more closely reflects society at large?

The results of the research will be unveiled at the FinTECH Talents event to be held at Here East this October and will serve as a policy document to aid the UK government.

To get this project off the ground we need your help!

We are looking for leaders in the FinTech space in the UK to join us on partnering and funding this project. Please let us know if we can come in to discuss have your organisation become a part of this exciting project.

Contact me on

In the meantime please listen to our recent webcast – with myself, Diana Biggs, Head of Innovation, HSBC Retail Banking and Igor Volzhanin CEO, Datasine talking about: Technology and Talent in Financial Services and FinTech

By joining the FinTECHTalents webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the current and future constraints on access to talent
  • Learn how the financial services industry draws in the next generation of innovators
  • Understand how to overcome some of the challenges that your organisation faces in talent acquisition
  • Learn the steps industry can take in order to attract tomorrow’s talent to drive change

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