Mascots of the Internet – FinTech Insider Podcast

First up this week, the guys tackle the news that Revolut is into crypto! Can they break down the divide between old and new money? And is it dangerous that retail investors have such simple access to cryptocurrencies? And, hot on the heels of Revolut, Square has been running a trial on Cash App, a rival to Venmo, that has allowed a small number of users to purchase bitcoin.

Next up, the report on the overhaul of the core banking system. And, as we at 11:FS know only too well, what a task that is! So why is it that banks need help to do it and how can they mitigate the risks involved?

The FCA has announced a successful third round of its regulatory sandbox, with 61 applications and 18 accepted into the next stage, including Curl, Bud, Nationwide and Orca.

And in a surprising twist (?), the European Commission has announced that it has extended the deadline for banks to meet new payment standards. So what are the most controversial changes and when’s the new deadline?

We also bring you a special interview with New10 CEO Mark Schroder, who talks about their partnership with ABN AMRO and what it’s like to be a fintech grown within an incumbent bank.

Plus, N26 has launched a premium credit card and Liz Lumley is not impressed (“this is not news”); why America might have missed the fintech boat in India; and we couldn’t let the news pass without talking about CryptoKitties.

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