In this episode:

David, Jason and Simon are joined for this week’s show by news show regulars Liz Lumley and Kadhim Shubber.

First up Jason guides the team through recent current account announcements from both Monzo and Starling – are they the hipsters of fintech?, Are they racing each other to release products?, and is there not room enough in the industry for both? They myth-bust the “tech-focus” of BNY Mellon’s new CEO; why “tech” is the tag everyone seems to covet – but saying it does not make it so; Kadhim introduces everyone to Shingy ( and was the FCA’s faulty currency convertor tools deliberate or an honest mistake?

As Barclays start giving away BPay bands for free they debate whether wearable alternatives to wallets are really a thing? And if they are, should you pay for them?

David also chats with David Geale of the FCA on their latest cohort for the regulatory sandbox.


News this week:

  1. Finextra – Monzo taking it slowly as first limited-edition current accounts come onstream- Link
  2. Starling Bank YouTube – Starling goes live with Apple Pay – Link
  3. Finextra – Paypal partners with Samsung Pay – Link
  4. Bloomberg – BNY Mellon appoints tech-focused Charles Scharf as its CEO – Link
  5. Finextra – FCA issues warning over misleading currency converter tools – Link
  6. Business Insider – Ratesetter has £80m of loans go bad – Link
  7. City AM  – Barclays to give away “BPay” bands for free – Link
  8. FT – Tech “start-ups” raise $1.3Bn from “ICOs” Link
  9. Guardian – End of the ‘rip-off’: all charges for paying by card to be banned – Link
  10. Chicagotribune –  Man robs bank while 4 children wait outside in SUV – Link

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