FinTech Insider podcast – Dirty Money

In this episode

Aden and Simon are joined by regulars Kadhim and Liz for the news. This week we find out if it’s really necessary to use VR in banking; and, as ATMs are dying and costing banks to run, we discuss the pros and cons of hard cash versus digital transactions – and the various reasons why people are still keen on cash.
We also myth-bust the theory that consumers are less trusting of robots or AI for banking and money movements than they would be for major surgery; and if it’s true Google can track what you’re buying online and offline via your credit card purchases – and how do we feel about this? Finally, the team debate the importance of big banks and banking regulators beginning to pay attention to fintech, and why Chicago should be a fintech hub, but isn’t.


News this week

  1. Finextra –  BNP Paribas jumps into virtual reality – Link
  2. Finextra – Bank of America preps data sharing service – Link
  3. Finextra – Dutch banks bid to manage falling cash use through joint ATM network – Link
  4. HSBC partners with AI startup to combat money laundering – Link
  5. Bloomberg – HSBC Discovers Consumers Trust Robots for Surgery Over Savings – Link
  6. MIT Techreview – Google Now Tracks Your Credit Card Purchases and Connects Them to Its Online Profile of You – Link
  7. President of the ECB talks Fintech  – Link
  8. Sydney Morning Herald –  China’s P2P lending market 24x bigger than the US fintech lending market  – Link
  9. Coindesk – India’s ‘BankChain’ Consortium Launches Blockchain KYC System – Link
  10. Chicago should be a fintech hub but why isn’t it? – Link

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