FinTech Insider: Guess who’s back?

In this episode David is back! He and Aden are joined by regulars Liz and Sarah for the news. This week the team take on The FCA’s cohort 3 and reveals cohort 2 for their sandbox; Amazon flexing it’s financial services muscles; and the “demise of a fintech darling” as Monetise is to be acquired by Fiserv... Continue Reading →

Dear God, I miss my Blackberry

There I said it. I really really miss my Blackberry. I've had three versions of the beleaguered smartphone in the past. I started off with a flip version (Remember flip phones? - no calling a Uber with your bum with those babies). Then I migrated to a Curve and eventually a Bold. But it was... Continue Reading →

What should I be when I grow up?

Will I end up going back 'inside' - belonging to an organisation I did not create and did not build - with all the safety, regular paychecks, business cards and standardized email addresses? Or will I branch out on my own - create a vision - and invite others to share my vision and let theirs shine alongside.

How to moderate like a Boss

If your panel is too large, fragmented and too long, you will lose your audience. A panel should be no more than four people, plus a moderator, and run no longer than 45 min.

UK General Election 2017: Fintech And The Party Manifestos

I spoke to Liz Lumley, a pioneer in the UK financial technology field and recognised as a fintech icon worldwide, about her views on the future of fintech post-election. “The party that can protect the fintech industry is one that can negotiate a Brexit that causes the least amount of damage to the UK financial services and technology industries - I fear no party has people of that caliber in house,” Lumley said.

When disruption arrives in the body of a four year old girl

Disruption isn't something you welcome, nor is it one you should avoid. Disruption is inevitable and a part of life. The lucky among us experience disruption in milder forms than sickness or a via the broken body of an eight year old boy. But there is no formula for dealing with disruption - there is only a myriad of ways to manage it.


So, as May comes to an end - let's take a break from the FinTech and the myriad of ways women are made to feel like they are intruders in world that was never designed for them - here is a bit of Friday Fun. Feel free to add yours.

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